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Breitling Superocean Automatic 48 V17369101C1S1 Replica Watch


Breitling Superocean Heritage Generation I Versus II Watch Review

An interesting thing happened while I was reviewing the process of drawing out Breitling's "Original" (modern) SUPEROCEAN Heritage Watch - Breitling decided to release with a brand new model Breitling SUPEROCEAN Heritage II first launched at the 2017 Basel Watch Fair. The Breitling Superocean Heritage II is actually available in several different models, including a 42-mm wide three-hand model, a 46-mm wide three-hand model and a 46 mm wide chronograph. This article aims to compare and contrast the first generation of the Breitling Superocean Heritage I with the replacement of the "next generation" Superocean Heritage II. An interesting change about the watch - I will discuss it below - is for the three-handed model Breitling now using Tudor Sports - Imagine.

For me, the changes in Superocean Heritage II are subtle but important. What Breitling really does is solve the "aging" problem of Superocean Heritage, which is about the design of materials and parts. Superocean Heritage has and will continue to be a solid money-making institution for Breitling, one of its most popular and attractive models. Superocean's name comes from a historic diving watch of the same name published by Breitling about 70 years ago, whose appearance was "resurrected" in Superocean Heritage. As a "retro-style" dive watch, Superocean Heritage lives with Breitling's more "modern" (design) dive watch, such as (non-"heritage") Superocean. Since we have first and second generation photos in this review, the fastest way to identify them is to look at the hour and minute hands.

While luxury watch brands are increasingly following the Rolex Road over and over again to update existing models over time, this is more rare than you might believe. Although brands have seen the value of adhering to “pillar” products in recent years, they have been continuously improved over time to attract new customers and encourage existing customers to upgrade. This is really just something you can do with a good core design. Breitling has adopted this strategy more or less, but in a very different way, although they do have a share of the pillar model, some newer versions of existing names may not necessarily improve the previous version. Sometimes they are just "different" and there is no clear reason.

The purpose of the 2017 Superocean Heritage II is clearer - it's not about reimagining the look of the Superocean Heritage collection, but about making it more modern. Some design decisions may be controversial, but in most cases Superocean Heritage II is our favorite Superocean Heritage I, including some of the more modern materials, as well as a three-hand version of the new movement.

A very important question is whether you should get a good deal on the previous generation Superocean Heritage I or work on the new Superocean Heritage II best replica watch site. One is a solid upgrade to the other, or are the two models attractive in their own way? In fact, a very good argument can be made that Superocean Heritage II has some significant improvements to the first generation model, depending on your taste (and the ability to find a deal), the previous generation Superocean Heritage watch may be equally good if not more Good to meet your needs.



Breitling has created a very strong watch, which I think starts with the case. The brand is particularly good at providing carefully polished heavy steel blocks. While many modern dive watches offer a complex case of contrast finishing and other interesting design elements, the Superocean Heritage appears like a vintage tank. The 42 mm wide or 46 mm wide steel case is fully polished (finished) and water resistant to 200 meters. Having said that, it feels like it may need more beatings. The retro-inspired design avoids many of the modern things you might expect to see on a diving watch (like Crown Guard). As a result, Superocean Heritage's elegance and glamorous design make up for its lack of a fully "professional" dive instrument.

Superocean Heritage II is a bit "professional", but you can see that design decisions come at the expense of aesthetics. So let's first talk about the difference between the Superocean Heritage II's one-way rotating bezel and the original model. This is one of the two main ways in which the Superocean Heritage I and II models differ from each other. In the video section of the review for Superocean Heritage 46, I mentioned that the longest-lived “age display” portion of luxury watches replica products is anodized aluminum/or coated steel (I'm not sure about specific metal use) baffle insertion. Today, ceramic bezels are more popular and valued because their colours last forever and because they are extremely scratch resistant.

The ceramic bezel does not look exactly the same, the metal bezel and the very simple markings look more elegant. The ceramic bezel of the Superocean Heritage II is very similar, but with more matte finish (predictable), now rotates the Super-LumiNova glow fill point at 12 o'clock on the bezel. This enhances the functionality of the Superocean Heritage II, but it does deviate slightly from the minimalist but masculine design, making the original Superocean Heritage so cute and charming.

In the picture, the lume pip on the bezel is barely noticeable, and it is more obvious in person. I wouldn't say that this feature is unpopular because it does add functionality, but lume does disappear slightly from the original appeal of the design - never apologize for making some aesthetic decisions instead of functional considerations. What I really like about Breitling is to introduce a bezel on the ceramic that looks exactly the same as the original, with each mark on the bezel painted white. Therefore, the entire bezel may have been loaded, but the characteristics of the entire table are not visually changed.

Below the sapphire crystal is the dial on the Superocean Heritage II, very similar to the dial of the Superocean Heritage I. One change is that the date window is located before the 6 mm wide 46 mm wide and 42 mm wide version - the previous 42 mm model date is at a less than ideal 3 o'clock hour mark and tends to rotate symmetrically with the dial. Superocean Heritage II slightly changed the style of the text on the dial, although the text actually said the same thing. Dimensions and other details have changed.

Compared to me, the biggest dialing change in Superocean Heritage II is the design of the pointer. I really (really) like the design of Superocean Heritage, I use a straight sword-like minute hand and a simple arrow-style hour hand. Breitling decided to mess up a good thing and make newbies for the Superocean Heritage II, which were inspired by the original 1957 Superocean diving swiss watch replica. This means you can still get sword-style minute hands and arrows - style hour hands - but now they are different in design - and how I feel about them.


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